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Gryphon the full scope of mechanical engineering design services for all phases of a project, from the initial assessment of a Client's idea, concept, need or opportunity, through the study and design phases, to the final generation of electrical power, steam and chilled water. Gryphon brings innovation and experience to all phases of a project, including the following:
  • Feasibility studies incorporating the most current viable technology
    and equipment capabilities
  • Thorough conceptual studies and investigations to permit a smooth
     transition to the detail phase
  • Preparation of technical specifications that result in the purchase of high quality cost-effective equipment
  • Detailed design integrating the major equipment, that is fully optimized for performance, cost, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance, space and access
  • Support for permitting, licensing and regulatory requirements as well as environmental assessments
  • Preparation of contract documents that provide a clear definition of project requirements and participant responsibilities - imperative for reducing Client's financial risk
  • Engineering support during construction, testing, and commissioning to ensure that the final project meets the level of performance and quality intended by the Client
  • Services such as Design-Build engineer, Owner's engineer, Joint-Venture engineer and Lender's engineer
  • Due diligence reviews.


Gryphon has experience in the design and implementation of various systems and equipment such as:
  • cogeneration and power plants
  • gas and steam turbine generators and reciprocating engine generator sets and packages
  • field-erected and package boilers, firing solid, liquid and/or gaseous fuels
  • HRSGs and duct burners
  • emissions control equipment
  • all types of steam condensers including surface condensers with once-through or evaporation cooling water systems, direct and indirect air cooled condensers and parallel condensers
  • absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers and cooling towers
  • pressure reducing valve stations and steam turbine bypass stations
  • deaerators, feedwater pumps and systems
  • makeup water treatment and condensate polishing systems
  • instrument and service air systems
  • fuel gas systems and compressors
  • light and heavy fuel oil systems
  • wood and coal handling systems
  • ash handling systems
  • feedwater heaters, economizers, heat exchangers and heat recovery equipment
  • fire protection systems
Cogeneration and Power Plant Projects
  • Lake Superior Power - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - 110 MW combined-cycle cogeneration plant providing electrical power to the Ontario grid and process steam to St. Marys Paper Inc. - two x 40 MW gas turbines and 25 MW steam turbine - conceptual & detailed design, feasibility studies, Owners' engineer and procurement services.
  • Kimberly Clark - Terrace Bay, Ontario - Steam Turbine Project - 20 MW backpressure steam turbine generator - detailed design.
  • Union Gas Power - Windsor, Ontario - Steam Turbine Generator Project - 28.5 MW auto-extraction condensing steam turbine generator - conceptual and detail design.
  • Potter Station Power - Tunis, Ontario - GTG Replacement Project - 40 MW LM6000 gas turbine generator - detail design.
  • TransCanada Power - North Bay and Kapuskasing, Ontario - 40 MW enhanced combined-cycle project - conceptual and detail design.
  • Northland Power - Cochrane and Kirkland Lake, Ontario - Condenser Upgrades - feasibility study, conceptual and detail design.
  • Ocelot Energy Inc. and TransCanada Pipelines - Ubungo Power Plant - Ubungo, Tanzania - Simple cycle 147 MW gas turbine power plant - conceptual and detail design.
  • DH Canada/Heinz - Leamington, Ontario - Detail design for retrofit of steam injection to two existing gas turbine generators.
  • Florida Power Corporation - Tiger Bay, Florida - Conceptual and detail design for plant modifications to a 220 MW plant for cycling operation.
  • Jungbunzlauer Canada – Port Colborne, Ontario – Central Utilities Plant – Conceptual and detail design of a 2 x 5 MW gas turbine generator cogeneration plant.
  • Northland Power – Kirkland Lake, Ontario – Detail design for a steam turbine replacement project.
Boiler and Steam Distribution System Projects
  • Cornell University - Ithaca, New York – Detail design for a 220,000 lb/hr boiler replacement project.
  • Henderson Hospital - Hamilton, Ontario – Detail engineering for a complete new steam plant of 70,000 lb/hr capacity.
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited - Chalk River, Ontario – Conceptual design for a 120,000 lb/hr light and heavy oil fired boiler replacement with gas conversion study.
  • Ontario Power Generation - Bruce Generating Station - Alternate Steam Supply - Detail design for a 450,000 lb/hr oil fired steam plant.
  • 3M Canada – London, Ontario – Detailed design for an 80,000 lb/hr natural gas-fired boiler replacement project.
  • Cornell University – Ithaca, New York – Detail design for the upgrade and expansion of underground steam and condensate system throughout the campus.
  • Jungbunzlauer Canada - Port Colborne, Ontario – Detail design of steam distribution and process piping systems and pipe racks throughout the plant site.
  • Mobotec USA Inc. – Conceptual and detail design of ducting and air transport systems for the installation of emission control system in coal-fired power generation units up to 685 MW.
Chilled Water Plants & Renewable Energy Projects
  • Cornell University - Ithaca, New York - Conceptual and detail design for the 2,000 ton chiller and cooling tower project.
  • Cornell University - Ithaca, New York - Conceptual and detail design for the nominal 20,000 ton lake source cooling project.
  • 3M Canada - Brockville, Ontario - Detail design of a 500 ton chilled water plant.
  • Enwave Deep Lake Cooling Project – Toronto, Ontario – Conceptual design for nominal 52,000 ton lake source cooling project, and detail design for the marine piping and energy transfer loop piping.
Feasibility and Conceptual Studies
Gryphon has experience in cogeneration, combined-cycle power plants, steam turbine and boiler plants, chilled water, distilled water and bio-mass project feasibility and/or conceptual studies for:
  • Canadian and International developers
  • Independent Power Producers (IPP) Owners and Operators
  • Process plants and research facilities seeking load displacement and/or replacement of existing facilities
  • Utilities
  • Universities, colleges and hospitals
  • Major equipment manufacturers and vendors
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