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Gryphon provides the full scope of engineering services for the design of instrumentation and control systems for various power plant, utility, industrial and institutional projects.

Gryphon has experience with a wide range of instrumentation and control systems. Our projects include both the upgrading of existing plant control systems, and the installation of new control systems for clients such as Cornell University, Union Gas Power, Henderson Hospital, Northland Power, TransCanada Power, Kimberly-Clark and Potter Station Power.

Gryphon has planned, specified, selected and provided engineering services for:

  • field instrumentation
  • plant distributed control systems (DCS)
  • programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • data acquisition systems
  • SCADA systems

Gryphon's responsibilities typically include integration of the plant controls with various vendor supplied control systems such as boiler control, burner management systems, gas and steam turbine generator control and auxiliary equipment PLC's.

Gryphon's instrumentation and control design is integrated closely with the mechanical and electrical engineering throughout the project to ensure all defined control and monitoring requirements are implemented successfully.

Gryphon has provided both conceptual and detail engineering for the following projects:
  • Cornell University - Boiler 6 &7 Replacement Project - Ithaca, New York – Elsag Bailey NET 90 DCS upgrade, John Zink Burner Management system installation
  • Cornell University - Chiller No. 8 Project - Ithaca, New York – Elsag Bailey Infi 90 DCS upgrade
  • Henderson Hospital - Boiler Replacement Project - Hamilton, Ontario – Elsag Bailey Infi 90 DCS and Johnson Controls Metasys system installation
  • Northland Power - Kirkland Lake Generating Station - Condenser Replacement Project – Fisher Rosemount RS3 DCS upgrade and Allen-Bradley PLC 5 system upgrade
  • Union Gas Power - Ford Windsor Powerhouse - Steam Turbine Generator Project – GE Mark V steam turbine generator control system, reconfigured to integrate additional plant mechanical and electrical controls. Bristol-Babcock Data Acquisition System (DAQS) design and specification, for steam and electrical metering and logging. Stand-alone controllers for new pressure reducing valves and desuperheaters
  • 3M Canada Inc. - Chilled Water Plant - Brockville, Ontario – Johnson Controls Metasys system upgrade
  • Kimberly Clark - Terrace Bay, Ontario - 20 MW Steam Turbine Generator Project - Elsag Bailey NET 90 DCS, Dresser-Rand - Woodward steam turbine control system and Moore PLC's - integrating the new steam turbine generator set and a new steam conditioning valve into the mill's two existing pressure reducing valve stations and desuperheater controls, controls modifications executed as part of joint venture with V.B. Cook of Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Ocelot Energy Inc. and TransCanada Pipelines - Songo Songo Gas to Electricity Project - Ubungo, Tanzania – Elsag Bailey Infi 90 DCS upgrade, Woodward Netcon gas turbine control system upgrade, and ABB Masterpiece gas turbine control system upgrade
  • Potter Station Power - Tunis, Ontario - 40 MW GTG Replacement Project - Fisher Rosemount RS3 DCS modifications to integrate the new LM6000 gas turbine generator package, and the new mechanical and electrical auxiliaries
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited – Chalk River, Ontario - Boiler Replacement & Natural Gas Safety System – Natural gas detection system and EMI resistant, triple redundant natural gas pipeline safety system
  • TransCanada Power - Nipigon and Kapuskasing, Ontario - Fisher Rosemount DCS modification to meet new OTSG control and monitoring requirements
  • Ontario Hydro - Bruce Heavy Water Plant - Alternate Steam Supply - Elsag Bailey Freelance 2000 and Modicom PLC's for 450,000 lb/hr steam plant
  • Ontario Hydro – Bruce Heavy Water Plant Reconfiguration – Integration of Elsag Bailey Freelance 2000 PLC
  • Northland Power – Steam Turbine #2 Replacement, Kirkland Lake, Ontario – Modification to all associated instrumentation
  • Westcoast Bayside Power Project, Courtney Bay, Saint John, New Brunswick – Instrumentation associated with repowering Unit #3 steam turbine
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York – Lake Source Cooling – Instrumentation and Controls for the Heat Exchange Facility
Gryphon has provided conceptual design and engineering and prepared performance specifications for the following projects:
  • Lake Superior Power - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - Elsag Bailey NET 90 DCS, GE Mark V gas turbine and steam turbine control systems
  • TransCanada Power - North Bay and Kapuskasing - 40 MW Enhanced Combined Cycle Power Plants – Fisher Rosemount RS3 DCS, ABB steam turbine control systems, Woodward Netcon and GE Fanuc gas turbine control systems, and GE Genius remote I/O
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