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Gryphon provides the full scope of civil and structural engineering services for all aspects of power generation, utility and distribution projects, from the initial conceptual phase, through detailed design, specifications and construction documents to providing construction observation.

Gryphon’s civil engineering services include:
  • site planning and permitting
  • static and dynamic equipment foundations
  • building foundations
  • industrial duct, breeching & piping systems
  • structural design
  • buried services
  • construction assistance
Gryphon’s expertise includes:
  • fully integrated building design for power plants, boiler houses and chilled water plants, including structural design of platforms and equipment access for operation and maintenance
  • rotating equipment foundation design (low tuned/high tuned) involving multi-mode vibration analysis for the supports of turbines, generators, motors, fans, compressors and other equipment associated with power plants
  • industrial duct, breeching and piping system design, including supports

The architectural work for most power plants and boiler house buildings is carried out internally. Outside architects are utilized to bring more in-depth expertise to projects with special aesthetic requirements.


Conceptual Engineering and Detailed Design

New Building:
  • Henderson Hospital - Hamilton, Ontario - All sitework, structural and architectural work for a new boilerhouse of 37 x 28 x 14 m high dimensions. All the civil and structural work was completed in-house.
  • Lake Superior Power - HRSG Enclosures - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario - New building of approximately 30 x 20 x 23 m high dimensions, enclosed two (2) HRSG units, including maintenance spaces for the removal of the LM6000 gas turbines from their packages, and a connection to the main power plant building.

  • Cornell University - Lake Source Cooling Project - Ithaca, New York - Multi-story Heat Exchanger facility for the pumps, heat exchangers, wet well and controls for the Lake Source cooling project.
  • Junbunzlauer – Port Colborne, Ontario - A new building with dimensions of approximately 70 x 20 x 9 m high enclosing the complete central utility plant.
Extensions and Modifications to Existing Plants
  • Cornell University - Boiler 6 & 7 Replacement Project - Ithaca, New York - Demolition of a corner of an existing boiler house and the civil and structural works to extend the boiler house to accommodate two (2) new larger package boilers.
  • Other similar steam line projects: Lake Superior Power, TCPL North Bay, Kapuskasing and Nipigon Projects and Ontario Hydro Bruce Nuclear Reconfiguration Project, each of which included pipe racks and individual supports to accommodate steam lines and miscellaneous equipment.
Equipment Foundations
Gryphon performed the vibration analysis and detailed foundation design for the following projects:
  • Ormat International Inc. - Upper Mahaio and Leyte Projects in Philippines, and Rotokawa Project in New Zealand - Foundation designs for the various configurations of General Electric Fitchburg steam turbine generator foundations incorporated in these power plants.
  • Ormat International Inc. - NOVA Gold Creek Project - Grande Prairie, Alberta - Detailed foundation design for all the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) equipment, including heat recovery unit, turbine-generator, air-cooled condenser, tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, shelters, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Kimberly Clark - 20 MW Steam Turbine Generator Project - Terrace Bay, Ontario – Foundation design for the backpressure steam turbine generator.
  • Jungbunzlauer – Port Colborne, Ontario - Gas turbine generators, HRSGs, and all plant auxiliaries foundation design.
  • Northland Power ST02 Turbine Replacement, Kirkland Lake, Ontario – Existing concrete tabletop foundation adapted and modified with concrete work to accommodate new steam turbine.
Steam Lines
  • Cornell University - Ithaca, New York - Gryphon has provided engineering services for several new distribution steam lines feeding the campus. The lines are installed in a buried concrete tunnel system, specially developed by Gryphon personnel and used throughout the Cornell campus.
  • Other similar steam line projects: Lake Superior Power, TCPL North Bay, Kapuskasing and Nipigon Projects and Ontario Hydro Bruce Nuclear Reconfiguration Project, each of which included pipe racks and individual supports to accommodate steam lines and miscellaneous equipment.
Industrial Ducts & Breechings
  • Detailed .design of boiler ducting and breechings up to 66” diameter for retrofits to various coal-fired power plants.
Design/Build Engineer
Gryphon acted as Design/Build Contractor’s engineer on the following projects:
  • Union Gas Power - Ford Windsor Powerhouse - 28.5 MW Steam Turbine Generator Project - An existing concrete high tuned “tabletop” foundation was adapted and modified with steel and concrete works to accommodate a new 28.5 MW extraction-condensing steam turbine generator set, including static and dynamic analysis.
  • Potter Power Station - 40 MW Gas Turbine Generator Replacement Project - Tunis, Ontario - A piled foundation was designed for the new LM6000 GTG package, along with associated modifications to the existing building and ducting.
Turnkey Projects
Gryphon acted as Owners' Engineer for the following Turnkey projects:
  • TransCanada Power - North Bay and Kapuskasing - 40 MW Enhanced Combined Cycle Projects
  • Lake Superior Power - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - 105 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant
In both cases, the civil / structural work included the translation of the Owners' requirements into design/build specifications, then engaging and supervising a turnkey contractor to implement the work.
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